Detroit College Challenge

What is the Detroit College Challenge?

DCAN will again partner with Get Schooled to provide a Detroit-focused college access website geared toward students and parents. The website,, is a one-stop digital resource customized for 9-12th-grade students in Detroit to help them understand how to prepare for, apply to, and pay for college.


In 2017, the website had over 15,000 visitors with more than 2,000 students creating accounts and completing 1,240 college access content badges. Additionally, the site had 13,065 text message exchanges with Detroit students. A special thank you to General Motors Co. for funding this program.


For the 2019-2020 school year, Detroit high schools will earn a $1,000 grant for participating in Get Schooled and DCAN's Detroit College Challenge. This program educates students about the Detroit Promise scholarship, admissions requirements for Michigan public universities and community colleges, financial aid opportunities, college planning and tips for taking the ACT and SAT. The Detroit College Challenge runs from October 28, 2019 to April 3, 2020. The grant can be used for  the following school year's activities, scholarships for students, supplies or technology upgrades to your school.


In addition to the Detroit College Challenge, students can apply to serve as Student Ambassadors in their school. Student Ambassadors help promote the challenge at their school by inspiring and empowering classmates to get involved. As a student ambassador, students will develop skills in service, public speaking, goal setting, leadership, and teamwork. Each school can select up to five Student Ambassadors. More information about the Student Ambassador program is available here.




For more information or questions, contact DCAN staff Justin Hudson at .