DCAN Professional Development Materials & Documents

November 2018 Scholarship Lunch & Learn Materials and Documents


  • Get Schooled's Detroit College Challenge: If you are interested in having your school participate in the Detroit College Challenge, you can sign up here. DCAN would also love to come to your school and give a College 101 presentation using College and Career Ambassadors and get your students signed up for Get Schooled. Presentations will go until April. If you haven’t already, you can sign up for a convenient time and date here.

  • Race to the FAFSA Line Challenge: Register for the 2018-2019 Race to the FAFSA Line Challenge and your school will also be able to register for the Cash College Campaign to be eligible for awards throughout the year. The deadline is December 7th.

  • TIP & FAFSA Data Agreement: For users to have access to MiSSG for Academic Year 2018-19, the lead administrator must complete a Data Use Agreement (DUA) and email it to mistudentaid@michigan.gov. You can access the agreement here. For other resources visit the High School Counselor MiSSG Portal.

  • Presentations and files utilized at the Scholarship Lunch and Learn can be found here.