How We Work:

DCAN uses a collective impact approach to promote a college-going culture that removes barriers to college enrollment, persistence, and completion by supporting, aligning, and strengthening college access and success activities in Detroit.

What is a Collective Impact approach?

Within this model, educators and community leaders work together toward clearly defined goals by building collaborative relationships, reinforcing each other’s efforts and tracking progress with data.  


Collective impact is the commitment of a group of important stakeholders from different sectors to a common agenda for solving a specific social problem. DCAN represents important stakeholders committed to increasing postsecondary attainment among students and families in Detroit.


2015-2017 Areas of Focus and Strategies

We utilize data to identify the 2-3 priority areas as short term goals. We will concentrate our efforts on the identified priority areas and work to move the needle and improve outcomes for student in the identified areas.


  • Students’ access to qualified college counselors and advisors

  • The number of Detroit students that are academically prepared for college as measure by the ACT/SAT

  • The number of Detroit students that enroll in a quality postsecondary institution

Experts from each of these areas will form Action Teams. Action Teams meet monthly to examine local data, determine the obstacles to student success, analyze root causes, identify objectives and strategies to overcome these barriers, set goals, and establish metrics to track progress. If you are interested in joining one of the Action Teams, please submit the form at the link found HERE