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Developing/ Engaging student leaders

Ways to empower your scholars to connect with their peers with staying focused and on task enhancing student outcome systmes

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Support Scholars with Scholarships and CFSEM resources

Learn ways to support your scholars with the scholarship research and application process as well as resources available for 2020-21 from CFSEM

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Detroit Promise and Promise Path

Learn more about the Detroit Promise and Detroit Promise Path program, process and resources to ensure that your students are ready for their transition.

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Strategic Planning for 2020-21 AY and MCAN College Bound Initiatives

Discussion on preparing for next year, building your support council for program implementation and aligning statewide initiatives to your anticipated calendar to keep students on task

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Webinar PowerPoints and Notes

Focus: Free Online Resources 03/27/20

Maximizing Outcomes 2019-20


Developing/ Engaging Student Leaders


Focus: Making a College Decision


Leveraging Parent Engagement


Supporting Scholars w/ Scholarships


Focus: Connect w/Students Social Media 04/09/20

DCAN: Lunch and Learn


Printable Handouts/Flyers

"JMB Client Scholarship Link"

"Hartford Men United College Entrance Scholarship"

"Making a College Decision"  Student Checklist

Sample Appeal Letter #2

"Holiday Scholarship Homework"

"Hartford Memorial Baptist College Scholarship"

"Helping Students Make a College Decision" Counselor Checklist

"Hartford Men United Undergraduate Scholarship"

"Haygood Scholarship Application"

Sample Appeal Letter #1

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