COVID- 19 Admissions Updates 


To provide admissions updates for students, families, and partners to ensure you’re aware of any changes caused by the pandemic that could impact the enrollment process.

What to know

The COVID-19 College Admission Updates page lists each institution’s:

  • COVID-19 resource webpage;

  • Any deadlines extensions offered to allow students more time to submit things like: enrollment deposits, SAT/ACT scores, verification documents, etc.;

  • If the school offers virtual 1-on-1 advising appointments and how to schedule;

  • The contact person for admissions and financial questions;

  • When students can expect award letters to come out;

  • Options for students without access to technology;

  • Payment plan options offered to meet potential financial needs created by the virus.


The COVID-19 College Admission Updates page will be updated twice per week on Tuesday and Thursday, and until institutions are back open and running normally.


Students should contact the person listed for the school for questions pertaining to the institution. 


For questions about the page, information listed or schools that want to provide updates, please contact Ashley Lane at


Updates and Resources 

This list contains contact information for each four year university in Michigan as well as details about their plans for Fall admissions and student programming!

This document lists schools that are making the SAT/ACT tests optional for admission for the graduating classes of 2020 and/org 2021

Detroit Promise Eligible Schools

This document lists the new Detroit Promise requirements by school for the incoming class of 2020. To learn more about the Detroit Promise, click here. 

TIP Eligible Schools

This document lists schools that are eligible for funding from Michigan's Tuition Incentive Program. To learn more about TIP, click here.

University Overview

The table below shows an overview of which institutions have updates in specific areas and supports being offered due to COVID-19. It also has a direct link to each institutions resource page for updates on COVID-19.


Click on a school's name to see their more detailed responses! Check back in weekly as new schools will continue to be added. 


Below you will find more detailed information for each institution listed. Click on the school name to view a PDF document listing all school related updates. Each document can be downloaded and saved for future reference. 

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