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SAT Prep Process

You already know that prep classes and practice tests help increase student knowledge related to the SAT, including test format and test-taking strategies that help build confidence.

Did you know that DCAN offers SAT Prep classes and boot camps throughout the school year that align with SAT test dates, and that we’re piloting a new way to recruit students for those?


  1. Counselors fill out the form below to reserve 5 spots for their students in any upcoming SAT Prep classes. 

  2. Upon confirmation, counselors recruit 5 students to fill those 5 spots and enter their information into a provided document. 

  3. Students complete payment and are accepted into the class.​

  4. Once SAT scores are released (about 6 weeks after the test date), counselors update the student document with scores so we can assess the impact of the prep class.

For additional SAT prep resources, click here.

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