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Detroit College Ambassadors

Since 2019, the Detroit College Ambassador (DCA) program has been an annual youth leadership project in which selected students who attended or are attending Detroit area high schools serve as near-peer youth college ambassadors by promoting college-going cultures within their schools and social circles. 


DCAN trains the ambassadors to work with their high school counselors and school administrators and ambassadors engage in peer-to-peer support and knowledge sharing to increase postsecondary planning, college applications completion, and FAFSA completion in their school buildings and throughout the city. 


The DCA program widens our capacity to support every Detroit high school student in creating and executing postsecondary plans. Because youth are largely impacted by other youths, this model is uniquely effective. Ultimately, the Ambassadors directly influence the futures of thousands of peers, reinforcing citywide postsecondary education and economic advancement.

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