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The purpose of this campaign is to ensure that every Detroit senior is supported with completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). 

Additionally, our goal is to support schools with better understanding and assisting their students with the entire financial aid process. This includes the application, verification, award acceptance, and disbursement in the fall. 

MCAN has adopted this national campaign, and DCAN supports Detroit high schools and community-based organizations with their financial aid efforts.

Important Links

Detroit Drives FAFSA


For the 2020-21 Academic Year, DCAN has enhanced their support for schools and students with FAFSA completion.

Student/Family Support with

Application Completion

Your students/families need help with completing the FAFSA application and would like someone to walk-through the application with them.

FAFSA Event Programming Resources

Need support/ideas for FAFSA events 

FAFSA Toolkit 

(Worksheets, Support Guides, Marketing)


DCAN Detroit FAFSA Tracker



Only reflects students currently in MISSG/Fed Application completion which does not account for all enrolled seniors

(Updated 04/11/2022)

Top High Schools (50% or better)

Cass Technical High School

Detroit Cristo Rey High School

Detroit Edison Public School Academy

Frontier International Academy 

Jalen Rose leadership Academy


Renaissance High School

Southeastern High School 

Universal Academy

University of Detroit Jesuit Academy

University Prep Academy High School

Voyageur College Preparatory High School

*Percentages are based on students currently on MISSG Rosters and Fed app submissions, percentages can be more or less based on class size and number of applications completed. City's FAFSA completion based on full senior enrollment and Fed apps completed is 34.29% as of 04/11/2022

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