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About Detroit College Access Network (DCAN)

The Detroit College Access Network (DCAN) is a collaborative network between local schools, organizations, and the community. The mission of the network is to promote higher education in Detroit and make a college degree or credential a reality for students in Detroit.


Specifically, DCAN serves as the citywide coordinating body for the college access and enrollment strategies in Detroit. We are a network of organizations – bigger than any one program or initiative –  using collective impact to align and connect existing programs, schools, businesses and community resources to improve college enrollment and graduation rates for all Detroit students.


Much like the goals for the State of Michigan, Michigan College Access Network (MCAN), and Detroit Drives Degrees, our goal aims for 60% of Detroit residences to achieve a form of postsecondary education by 2030.


DCAN’s mission is to increase postsecondary readiness, enrollment, and attainment so all students in Detroit can achieve their educational dreams.

Our Impact

Detroit College Access Network (DCAN) Co
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