The Detroit College Access Network (DCAN) is the coordinating body of cross-sector leaders and organizations in Detroit working together to ensure all Detroit students have the opportunity to attend college.


Specifically, DCAN serves as the citywide coordinating body for the college access and enrollment strategy in Detroit. It is a network of organizations – bigger than any one program or initiative – leveraging a collective impact model to align and connect existing programs, schools, businesses and community resources to improve college enrollment and graduation rates for all Detroit students.

What is DCAN?


DCAN’s mission is to increase post-secondary readiness, enrollment, and attainment so that all students in Detroit can achieve their educational dreams.


Much like the goals for the Michigan College Access Network (MCAN) and the Lumina Foundation Goal 2025, DCAN aims for: 

DCAN also tracks, monitors and publishes a dashboard for the following college access indicators for all Detroit students:


  • College Enrollment, Persistence and Graduation

  • Access to qualified college counselors and advisors

  • College credit accumulation during high school

  • Academic college readiness as measured by ACT/SAT

  • FAFSA Completion

  • College Credit Accumulation


Annual Report

We are proud to share with you our 2017-18 Annual Report, a reflection of what DCAN has accomplished thanks to your support in helping more students get to college.