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The purpose of the College Bound Fellows (CBF) program is to help enhance college access and success through developing a college-going culture within the selected schools.  With a strong commitment from the building principal, counseling team, and dedicated college and career readiness staff, the ultimate goal is to increase their baseline enrollment in high achieving HS/colleges, post graduation academic/financial readiness, persistence, and/or graduation rates by at least 5% (if relevant) and ensure that every graduating student has a post graduation plan.

College Bound Fellows

Formerly College Bound Grant


The launch of this program was to develop an innovative professional development curriculum and learning opportunity that does the following: 


  • Empowers counselors to lead the college-going culture in their schools

  • Learn and build best practices as a cohort for their given student populations

  • Allow Detroit College Access Network to test and iterate programming that can be scaled for use at a greater local and potentially national level. 


Through development, DCAN sought to provide small grants to each school for student and parent engagement; provide professional development and coaching through CREATE Education Services LLC, and measure and learn from the cohort as they design and implement data-driven plans for their schools with a goal of increasing their determined focused areas by 5 percent.


The middle and high schools selected through a competitive process have committed to regular college access and success professional development sessions, convene a Postsecondary Advisory Council, assess their college-going culture and school counseling capacity, analyze disaggregated student outcomes data, design data driven programs and sustainability plans within their schools, and identify and improve their chosen college access or success area of improvement.


CBG 2019-20


Chandler Park Academy (HS)

Cornerstone Health and Technology School (HS)

Davison (MS)

Hutchinson @ Howe (MS)

Jalen Rose Leadership Academy (HS)

King (HS)

Pershing (HS)

Sampson Webber (MS)

University Prep Art and Design (HS)

CBF 2020-21

Cody (HS)

DCP Academy @ Northwestern (HS)

East English Village Preparatory Academy (HS)

Hope of Detroit Academy (MS)

MacDowell Preparatory Academy (MS)

Mumford (HS)

Southeastern (HS)

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