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We know that selecting the

right colleges to apply to can be challenging and overwhelming. The Detroit College Match tool is here to help students, parents and adviser take a more data informed approach to selecting the best fit college for each student. 

Senior Checklist

Here is a month by month checklist for seniors to complete until they step onto campus in the fall! 

Detroit Promise SAT Cutoffs

Detroit Promise SAT Cutoffs for 4 year institutions have been revised due to COVID. Please refer to the list to see if you qualify for free tuiton! 

Scholarship List

November is Scholarship Month! Click the link below to find a comprehensive scholarship list so you can earn free money for college! 

Underclassmen Checklist

Underclassmen can prepare for college too! The underclassmen walks students through what they can be doing now to prepare for college. 

College Readiness Workshops

Mapping Pathways

Tune in for a weekly workshop series to support mapping postsecondary 

pathways no matter where you are in the process. 

Workshops are 45-60 minutes every Monday at 3:30pm via Zoom. 

Summer 2021 Internships/Programs

Summer is upcoming! Click the link below to find a comprehensive internship and program list to get ahead over summer! 

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Do you have questions about enrolling in college, finding scholarships or completing the FAFSA application?

Need 1-on-1 assistance? Sign up for student support!

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Previous Webinars

Did you miss a webinar? It's not too late to download the PowerPoints, recordings or handouts.

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Selecting Best Fit
GetSchooled Detroit
College Prep Checklist
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Time Management
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Mental Health

Documents and Resources

Printable Handouts and Flyers

College Prep Checklist

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Michigan College Average Requirements Worksheet

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"Making a Colleg Decision"

 Student Checklist

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Minority Graduation Rates

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"Helping Students Make a College Decision" Counselor Checklist

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