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 SAT Prep Class

New Process for
SAT Prep Class

DCAN is piloting a new way to recruit students for

our SAT Prep Classes and Bootcamps.

Counselors will fill out the form below to reserve 5 spots for their students in any upcoming

SAT Prep Classes. Once a class is planned, we will

reach out to the counselors that signed up, in the

order they signed up, to see if you would still like

to have those 5 spots for the class.

Upon confirmation, you will recruit 5 students from your school, to fill your 5 spots, and input their information into a provided Excel document. The students will then complete the payment for the prep

class and be accepted into the class!

Once scores from the SAT are released, about 6

weeks after SAT test date, counselors will go into

the provided Excel document to input their

students scores.  This is so we can see their improvement and assess if the SAT Prep Class

vendor exceeded our expectations!



Importance of SAT Prep

SAT Prep Classes and practice tests help to increase

students knowledge and familiarity, across all boards,

relating to the SAT.


It can help them understand the format of the test, develop test-taking strategies, and build confidence. 

Kahn Academy found that taking full-length practice

tests, following personalized practice recommendations,

and taking prep classes has helped substantially improve students' SAT score. 

Here at DCAN we want to help in any way we can. Which is why we offer SAT Prep Classes and Bootcamps throughout the school year, that aligns with SAT test dates. This is

most beneficial because the knowledge, tips, and

tricks are fresh in the students head!

Links and Resources

College Board

The organization that prepares and administers standardized tests.

  • 2020-2021 SAT dates

  • K-12 Educators

Kahn Academy

A nonprofit that was created to provide online tools and resources to educators, parents, and students - for free!

  • Create account


  • Full length SAT Practice Test

Michigan Department of Education

  • List of important dates 

The Score Your Four SAT Masters Class is both informative and fun.  Being in this class has taught me techniques not only for the SAT but for college and life as well. The SAT class has also given me the chance to interact with others and work on social skills.
-Nataia Trotter 

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